Hello Tom,
Let me lay down some ground rules -
1) I have no intention of partaking in any discussions about domain name transfer if your intention is to carry out such discussions via the media or via any other member of Newmarket Council (including Councillor Di Muccio). You must recognize that such individuals are strangers to this matter. As you can see, I did not carbon copy either the Councillor or Teresa Latchford on my reply. I do not recognize them as a party to this matter. If you wish to continue in this matter, I require you to limit your future correspondence exclusively to those who are interested parties.
2) This is the first time that I have been aware of that you are interested in obtaining certain domain names. Traditionally, when one is interested in obtaining stocks, one speaks with a stock broker. When one is interested in obtaining real estate, one speaks with a real estate broker. When one is interested in obtaining insurance, one speaks with an insurance broker. I'm sure you get my drift. The purpose of the broker is to protect the rights of both parties. Should you be interested in initiating discussions towards obtaining certain domain names, I require you to speak with a domain name broker and have the broker contact me.
Thank you.